Latest Short Hair Styles Pictures

Latest Short Hair Pictures: -
short hairstyles fever insists the new season and we are not surprised why. Short hairstyles look incredibly elegant and provides great advantages for women with different hair textures and face shapes. Choose from this series of short hairstyles developed until now is not easy, that's why we have selected some of the hottest short hairstyles in 2011 as head trendy has its share of benefits. The latest hairstyle trends, hair stylists fit the current fashion trends, so you will enjoy a complete, balanced appearance from head to toe. The perfect hairstyle hairstyle is not only suitable to face shape, but the hair type, personality and facial features as well.

Emma Watson has shown that this crop is still hot, but remember that not everyone can pull off such a short hairstyle. The Pixie cut works best for women with an oval face shape and very feminine proportioned facial features. If you think this haircut is to you, ready to be mesmerized by a wonderful yet very low maintenance look.

A short crop, which has a longer cut on top, Frankie Sandford's hairstyle from The Saturdays can be a perfect opportunity for a short hairstyle in 2011. This crop has a high level of versatility, so you will not only look good, you will be able to change the appearance of a pleasant surprise every time. Under Grave hairstyle is still hot, and can offer your look a bit on edge. Going short on the sides of your head or on one side of the head is a hot new trend brought back by singer Cassie, and since then the look has been reinvented to fit the staple crops and looks fantastic.
 pops of staples crops and be sure to give them a little bit of an edge by trimming baby cards, asymmetric, restless or elegant swing. Bangs and short curls work perfectly, then increase the sexiness of the staple crop, switch bang too.